Student Accessibility Center Registration Form

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Student Information

This form is for new SAC students who are requesting initial accommodations. The form MUST be completed by the student.

Timeline: Students should expect to receive an email response from within approximately 7-10 business days.

The registration process can take up to two weeks to complete before accommodations will be determined. The process can be further delayed if documentation is not sufficient to support the request.

Documentation: Please submit documentation via this form, email, or fax 773-508-3810. Please see our documentation guidelines before submitting your registration form.

Appointments: Appointments will be scheduled via Zoom unless otherwise noted. Registration appointments are not typically scheduled after week 12 of the semester. After week 12, students should still submit their online registration form, and a meeting will be scheduled at the beginning of the following semester.

Exceptions will be considered on an individual case-by-case basis. Summer accommodation appointments are on a case-by-case basis due to the fast-paced nature of the courses during a shortened semester. 

SAC Staff

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Accommodation History

Have you previously received accommodations in high school or at another university?Required

Please do NOT copy and paste from any documents. The student narrative is important and they should be listing the accommodations. 

Accommodation Request
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Please note:Student input is a valuable source of information in determining reasonable accommodations. However, students must also submit documentation of their disability in order to register with SAC. Once the appropriate documentation is received, an appointment should be scheduled with a SAC staff member to review and determine reasonable accommodations. If you have questions about documentation guidelines please click here to visit our website.

LUC Release of InformationRequired

I understand that personnel in the Student Accessibility Center (SAC) may need to communicate with faculty, staff, and other personnel at Loyola University Chicago in order to provide accommodations for my disability. I understand that this is for the purpose of coordinating accommodations, and  SAC personnel do not share diagnostic information unless it is on a need to know basis. This authorization is for internal Loyola University Chicago purposes, and it does not include permission to release information to a third party. 

This consent is valid during my entire enrollment at Loyola. I understand that I may revoke this consent at any time by submitting to the Student Accessibility Center a written revocation that is signed by me and witnessed by another person who knows me.

I authorize personnel in the Student Accessibility Center (SAC) to release information about my interactions with the SAC  to outside parties listed here (family, providers, etc.):

Please list specific names (example: Sue Jones instead of "mom"). You may choose to leave this blank. If you do not wish to release information to outside parties (family, providers, etc.), please enter "not applicable" in the text box. 

SAC PoliciesRequired

I am acknowledging that I have read the Student Rights & Responsibility Agreement. By checking below, I am acknowledging my understanding of these procedures and willingness to comply with all SAC policies and procedures. Please click here to read the Student Rights and Responsibility Agreement. 

I am acknowledging that I have read the Grievance Procedure. By checking below, I am acknowledging my understanding of these procedures and willingness to comply with all SAC policies and procedures. Please click here to read the Grievance Procedure. 

In the event of an emergency, I will need assistanceRequired

SAC will provide student information to Residence Life and Campus Safety in order for university personnel to assist you in emergency situations.